Monday, January 20, 2020

Crowdfunding Rewards to Backers of C.A.S.C.A.D.E. (Creative Art School for Children and Adults Deserving Excellence)

Finally, as we have shared with you our intent of doing a Crowdfunding for this project, we are now ready to release our link and the rewards that we would give to donors or backers.  First let me inform you of the status of our social activity.  My partner Carol has already got in touched with one school in Rizal and has confirmed their interest of allowing us to run a 12-Days Free Art Lessons to their SPED class.  Anytime this month, we are expecting to receive the schedules for the classes.

As for how and where you can course or give your support to this program, please check our link to our crowdfunding online promotion.  We encourage my friends to share as well this link so that it can reach as many people who are looking for means of helping the less privileged.

If you can't send through Paypal, you can send through my BPI account.  Either you can deposit it or you can transfer or use my QR code.   You can also message me if through bank deposit.

Kindly add note to your transferred amount or please send advise or deposit slip through (FB message) here ==>  FB Page Rose Gob's Optics and Mix.  You can use the same link if you have any inquiries or concerns.  Please don't forget to include contact information like e-mail address and celfone no. so that we can send to you your reward.

Now, here are the rewards that we are going to give to our backers.  Please indicate in your message, which among these rewards you prefer.  Rewards are first come first serve basis.  We will also send a thank you card through your e-mails once we received your donation or backing, whatever amount you shared.


500 pesos and up:  Personalised Coin Purses 

      This is machine printed and the designs are original paintings of Rose Gob.

700 pesos and up:  Limited Edition Mugs

     Machine printed and personalised by printing your name on it.   

1,500 pesos and Up:  Hand painted bags

    As of the moment, we have these two (2) finished hand painted bags.  We are still finishing eight (8) more.  But let me know if you are already interested with these and we will reserve it for you.

This bag is hand painted by Ms. Corazon Patarata, one of the respected artists of ARTipolo group.

This bag is hand painted by Rose Gob

This  bag paintedis  by Carol Mencias Alay-Ay.

5,000 pesos and Up:  1X1 (feet) paintings

     These are the two paintings still available for donations of 5,000 and up.  First-come, first-reserve as well:

7,000 pesos and Up:  Paintings by artist Rose Gob

"Yellow Bricks and Gondolas"
Medium:  Watercolor on Canson Paper

Size: 20" X 17" framed

Date:. 2017

Artist:. Rose Gob


"Dream Blosoms"
Medium:  Watercolor on Canson Paper

Size: 17" X 20" framed

Date:. 2017

Artist:. Rose Gob

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 18" X 24" framed

Date:. 2019

Artist:. Rose Gob

"Munting Pangarap"

Medium: Acrylic on Cavas

Size: 24 X 18

Date Made: January 2019

Artist:. Rose Gob

To all backers, we thank you and we pray that you'll be blessed more out of the kindness of your heart!!!

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